How to Wash Our Minky Blankets

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How to Wash Our Minky Blankets

When we talk about minky blankets, then contrary to the most popular belief minky blankets are not made from mink fur but rather it is made out from the long, acrylic fibers.

Most of the parents prefer to use minky blankets for a varied reason. Firstly, it provides an amazing comfort to the baby. The fabric is very soft like no other type of blanket if compared with. Minky blankets are very much gentle on the skin of the babies hence it is mostly a preferred choice. Lastly but the most important, minky fabric is hypoallergenic hence the child will not develop any kind of bad reactions when it is used.

The only disadvantage of the minky blanket is that it is costly as compared to the other types of a blanket. This luxurious minky blanket comes at a huge price but its use is something really worth the price and hence can be termed as value for money. With the luxury which comes along with minky blankets, it is a must have hence you can exert extra care as well as maintenance hence one would need to ensure that the blanket should last for longer duration. With the fact that this type of blanket is made up of acrylic fibers hence it can be very well washed with the machine.

Below are the steps on how to wash a minky blanket:

  • Get a dry rag and run it smoothly over the blanket. Avoid to go against the direction of the growth of the fur. Hence it is better to go along with the direction of the growth of the fur. This process is carried out in order for getting rid of any dirt or dust which has been accumulated in the blanket or the fur. Run it evenly and ensure that to use firm force. Also, avoid running the rag in circular movements since if done so then it can have the tendency to break the fiber of the blanket.
  • Once the above process is done and the blanket is completely free from dust and dirt then it is a time that it can be placed in the washing machine. So as to prevent any kind of damage to the blanket you have to ensure that the weight of the blanket is distributed evenly on the washing machine.
  • Use a heavy duty washing machine for washing the minky blankets. One should note that the minky blankets become very much heavy when they are soaked in water and can bind up with the washer if it is cleaned in a typical home washing machine.
  • Use a gentle detergent for cleaning the minky blankets since harsh detergents can lead to reducing the lifespan and the softness of the blanket.
  • Wash the minky blanket in cold water on gentle cycles. The dyes which are used to color the minky blankets tend to leech if it is washed in warm or very hot water. The only thing which can tend to wear out a minky blanket is the heat during the cleaning process hence always wash in cold water with an eco-friendly soap.
  • Eco-friendly soaps or gentle soaps are good enough since they are known to keeping the quality of the soap simple without any added chemical which can damage the fabric. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is an excellent combination to get rid of dirt, body oil, and any kind of stubborn stains from it. You can also prepare a combination of it at home itself by using half a cup of baking soda and one fourth cup or half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the wash cycle. It would make the blanket clean and soft just as it was when you first bought it.
  • One should never use Fabric Softeners, perfumes or dyes. Any kind of heavy soaps and softeners will tend to cling on to the fibers and it would lead to drastic reduction in the softness of the cloth. As mentioned earlier, vinegar is an excellent fabric softener instead of those chemical ones hence it can be used as a substitute.
  • Once it has been washed properly you can tumble dry it on the “no heat” setting unitl the blanket is 90 percent dry and then you can pull it out and hang it so that the rest of it can dry on its own. However, if the dryer does not have any heat setting then you can line dry the minky blanket. Ensure not to use heated drying cycle in case of minky blanket else the acrylic fibers would melt out and become matted together.
  • The drying time in case of minky blankets would be very long since post the wash they retain a considerable amount of water and hence needs lot of time to drain out the excess water. If possible air dries the fabric. Always use it on low heat since heat leads to increase in the static and thereby reduces the softness of the blanket. You can use wool balls or dryer sheets for reducing the static. When using dryer sheets you should make sure that it does not contain any fabric softener. Minky materials dry very quickly.

Minky fabric should be washed often so that it removes any kind of dirt, boy oils or lotions which are stuck to the blanket during its use. A light wash at times can always turn out to be effective and also you can just run it in a rinse and speed spin cycle. Just add one fourth cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water and rinse the blanket.


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