You Need to Know About Weighted Blankets

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September 7, 2017
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You Need to Know About Weighted Blankets

As the name says “Weighted Blanket”, is a heavy blanket or you can also call it as an extra weight blanket which is heavier than the usual blankets which one purchase to be used for daily basis. However, it is not just the thickness or the heavy nature of the blanket which defines its characteristics. The weight of the blanket should be very specific to the individual who would be using it. The weight of a weighted blanket could range from 5 pounds to 25 pounds. However, before going to buy a weighted blanket, there is a thumb rule which one should follow. The rule is that the weight of the blanket should be ten percent of the individual’s weight who would be using the blanket adding a pound or two. Hence for example, if the individual weighs around 180 pounds then the weight of the blanket should be 20 pounds. The blanket weight is not consistent for all the individuals, it would vary. If you going to buy a weighted blanket, then ensure to go through the list of size and weights before choosing the ideal one for you.

Weighted blankets are known to benefit an individual in a variety of way such as it helps to improve the sleep of the individuals, ensures greater concentration and focus at work or classroom, reduces signs of anxiety, very useful for those kids who suffer from ADHD and Autism.

Things to look for before buying weighted blankets –

  • One of the important thing which can differ between the variety of weighted blankets is the fabric quality and type and what has been used to weigh down the blanket.
  • The fabric choice is completely upon the individual. Some of the blankets are made with fabric such as soft cotton, whereas others would be made with Minky dotted fabric. It is very important to go through the reviews posted by individuals before you purchase the weighted blankets. This becomes very important when the blanket is being purchased for someone who is suffering from certain sensory issues, the type of fabric chosen can either make or break the experience.
  • When it comes to weighing down the blanket, today in the market most of the companies ensure to user safe materials for the weight. One would notice that certain blankets are weighed down by barley or rice and in certain cases, there would be a use of glass beads or poly-pellets.
  • Another factor which one should look out for before purchasing the blanket is that if it can be washed in the machine or no. Since there would be a variety of fabric used in the blankets and also what weights are being used. Hence it is very important to inquire with the seller to check out if the blankets can be washed at home in a machine or it should be taken to a dry cleaner.
  • Check out about how would the blanket maintain an even distribution of its weight across. If there are beads which are allowed to move around throughout the blanket the weight would end up falling on one side however if can stitch pockets into the blankets and getting the weight evenly distributed in these stitched pockets. One can also say that the weighted blankets contain metal or plastic beads which are sewn into quilted layers. The main idea behind these weights is that they provide gentle or deep pressure which is known to mainly address the issue of the sensory often linked with autism.
  • One of the important point is that weighted blankets are not for every person since it leads to adding up some heat along with the weight. Before purchasing a weighted blanket, it is best to discuss about it to the doctor.

The science behind weighted blankets is the deep touch pressure or DTP. This DTP is all about applying gentle pressure to the body as to release the chemical in the body called as serotonin. This chemical in the body is related to providing relaxation. It is like as if the weighted blanket is providing a huge hug to the individual wherein it makes them feel safe, guarded and very secure. Those individuals or children who suffer from autism they have low levels of serotonin in the body hence weighted blankets can be very useful for them. Also, it is very useful for those suffering from depression, aggression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. This deep touch pressure has been seen to work on many individuals especially children who suffer from autism. In the world of psychiatric care, weighted blankets are known to be one of the powerful tools for helping those individuals who are possibly suffering from certain kind of mental changes and are on the verge of losing control of their mind.

The weighted blankets are used to relax a person in various ways or techniques such as covering the entire body of the individual while sleeping and providing them the deep pressure technique. The weighted blankets would help to ground the body while one is sleeping. It does so by pushing it downwards. This process is also known as grounding or earthing hence it provides a deep calming effect. There have been studies which show that it helps to reduce levels of cortisol which is a stress related hormone. The brain starts to release cortisol when it thinks that body is under some kind of attack hence it is a response towards this attacks. Any kind of stress in the body can lead to an increase in the levels of cortisol. This, in turn, can have a negative impact on the body’s immune system. The cortisol levels also lead to an increase in the blood sugar levels thus affecting the digestive tract of the body.

Minky Weighted Blankets –

Weighted blankets are also made from Minky fabric. It is a high-quality luxurious fabric. Minky fabric is smooth and very soft like fleece. It provides warmth to the individual. This fabric is more expensive than the regular fabric per yard. Minky blankets are made available in different sizes depending on the weight of the person.

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