Minky Fabric has an amazingly soft touch to it

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October 3, 2017
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Minky Fabric has an amazingly soft touch to it

Minky Baby Blanket

Minky is known as a modern day “micro-fiber” fabric which has an amazingly soft touch to it. It is a super soft fabric which is 100 percent polyester. It also dries up really quick, is a very good absorbent and a strong fabric altogether. Minky is also considered to be a completely true vegan fabric. It is a luxurious looking silky soft fabric. This fabric is considered to be an ultimate choice for creating blankets especially for baby’s. Apart from blankets, minky fabric is also used for creating toys, apparels, quilt backings, and cozy robes to it. Minky is known to be made available in a variety of colors, patterns and textures. It is available from dots, embossed prints to the stripes.

Minky is considered to be similar to fleece but very much softer and thicker. Due to the high quality nature of the fabric it prevents the minky fabric color from fading away and also retains its warmth for a long duration. Minky fabric has a pile which is almost like a velour or velvet on one of the side and it also has its own stretchy feeling just as a knitted fabric. Being similar to a knitted fabric, one can cut this fabric without having any kind of fear of the fabric unravelling or fraying itself. But one should note that this fabric can moult a bit when it is cut initially.

Types –

There are varied types of minky fabric which can range from printed minky, smooth minky, dimple dot minky to the ribbon minky. Below are the details on what exactly are these types of minky fabric:

  • Smooth minky: This particular type of minky does not have any kind of patterns or any markings on the fabric. It is available in varied range of colors and it is known to make an ideal base for preparing any kind of items.
  • Ribbon minky: This particular Minky fabric has certain piles cut out of it. It is mostly cut in ribbon form so that there are no edges of the fabric. It is almost like corduroy fabric but this one is much wider and softer.
  • Super plush minky: This type of fabric has a very much thicker pile which is fluffy and softer. This type of minky fabric can be mostly used for preparing soft toys as well as any other items which would need a longer pile for it.
  • Dimple dot minky: This type of minky is very much similar to the smooth minky fabric. Dimple dot minky is made in a solid color and it has raised dots all over the fabric hence the name dimple dot. These dots provide a very interesting feel and texture to the overall fabric.
  • Print minky: A print minky fabric touch is very much similar to the smooth minky. But instead of just one solid color on the fabric, the print minky has different kinds of designs and patterns which are printed on it.

The different types of minky fabric can be used for varied purposes interchangeably. This fabric is great for all the types of items which can range from baby items to cloth nappies and from soft furnishings to home decorative items and many more things.

Taking care of Minky Fabric –

Minky fabrics are especially made up to be very much durable enough to be washed in the washing machine. It is very much easy to wash this fabric and at the same time in every wash they come out to be softer as it was the first time when it was bought. Most of the time, whenever we think about washing a fabric there is always a fear that it would lose out on its quality after the wash. No one would like a blanket which would lose out on its special touch post the wash hence most of the times people avoid washing fabrics which are mostly soft with the fear that it would turn out to be rough post the wash. Minky fabrics can be washed in machine with detergent but avoid using fabric softener. As much as possible you can avoid using the dryer and let it dry on its own out. This fabric does not shrink after the wash and can be tumble dried as well on low heat.

Uses –

With the varied features of minky fabric it can be used for varied purposes, few of which are listed below:

  • Cloth nappies: Since the minky fabric comes in varied patterns, colors and prints. Also it can be washed well and being a polyester fabric it also does not soak up too much of liquid hence minky fabric is great to be used as a decorative fabric layer for modern day cloth nappies. It can be used with some pretty embroidered patterns on it.
  • Bibs for babies: Due to the soft touch of the fabric, minky works really well when it comes to preparing clothing for children or cloth nappies. One can also prepare baby bibs out of it. It would turn out to be nice and softer for the baby and also very much easy to care for.
  • Clothing for children: Due to its softness and its easiness to wash well it is also a good choice for preparing children’s clothing. Also minky fabrics are available in various cool patterns and also would turn out to be warn during the winter season.
  • Blankets: One of the first choice and the easiest use of the minky fabric is to prepare baby blanket. It can be used to make a double sided one with two different layers of the fabric or it can also be made back with fleece or even cotton. Due to its softness and warmth it makes for an ideal baby blanket.
  • Quilting: For those who are interested in quilting and looking for a beautiful fabric which has an interesting texture then they can incorporate them into the work as well. Minky fabric works very well and it also looks great with some quilts.
  • Toys: Due to the softness of the fabric, minky fabric is of a great use for making soft toys or baby toys. Due to the soft pile of the fabric it would mean that it is very much lovely and softer for those little hands.

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