What is a Good Housewarming Gift?

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What is a Good Housewarming Gift?


Moving from one place to another is always a tough job but it is also a fresh start as well as a new experience. Moving across all the items from one house to another has never been an easy task. Post the move, comes the time for call on close friends and family members so that it actually becomes a welcome to the new house which is known as a housewarming party. Here comes the bigger trouble for the friends and close relatives as to what would be that ideal housewarming gift which would be unique as well as something useful for the host as well.

A housewarming gift is something basically chosen carefully by friends and relatives as a goodwill gesture and also a new warm welcome to the new neighborhood after one has moved to a new place. A housewarming can be described as a long-standing tradition which takes place in most of the countries. Today this kind of gesture and custom is more of an occasion for the host or the hostess to display their new home as well as welcome their friends and family members to the new house. Also it is still a tradition for the invited guests to offer certain gifts as a gesture of hospitality to the host or the hostess for their new home.

Beverage tub: This one is a very handy gifting idea which can be used for both indoors as well as outdoors entertaining. You can go in for a waterproof beverage tub which would never rust or get tarnished. Go in for a beverage tub which holds maximum number of bottles. Certain features which you can look for are easy tote handles on either sides of the tub. There are certain new personalized gifting options as well which you can go in for. There are two options in this category, one you can go in for beverage tub or beverage tub with stand.

Minky Blankets: Minky blankets also make up for a best gifting idea as a housewarming gift. The minky fabric is luxuriously soft like a fleece and it is of high quality. There is no age limit on who can use these blankets. It is best for people of all ages. One can also go in for a personalized Minky blanket instead of giving away a plain blanket. Personalized gifts always hold a special place and are kept with special care as well. Minky blankets are easy to use and maintain as well. They stay on the same for a long time if handled in a right manner and softness also stays intact.

Wall clock: Though it may sound very much common but a wall clock can be made to personalized to make it look more special. A heartwarming clock would not only help in telling the time but it can also give few inspirational rules for building a family on harmonious belief. Certain life rules can be engraved inside the wall clock. It can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom, family room or living room. Now-a-days there are various techniques used wherein one can laser engrave any name or any other characters which they would like to.

Gift Basket: When there is always a doubt on what has to be given to someone who already has everything then a gift basket would always sound right. An incredible gift basket would be a combination of various gourmet along with beautiful packaging. The gift basket can either be custom made or you can pick up the one readily available. Few of the gift baskets would have packets of cheese, dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, raisins and so on, there can be fresh fruits such as apples, pears, oranges and many more delicious fruits, chocolates are another addition to these gift baskets. Few of them also are accompanied with napkins and a cutting board as an addition. However, there is always an option to add or minus any item which you would want to as per the choice and taste of the host.

Home Print: Add on more value as well as a loving touch to the décor of the home with a home print which speaks a lot about the family and its importance. You can go in for a wall mount board which can be made of wooden frame and protected under the glass shield. It can be personalized as well with any message you would wish to write. You can write the name of the family or any important quote which talks about the home or the family.

Lucky bamboo plants: We all know that having plants at home is always a good option for the health and happiness of the family members. The lucky bamboo plants are termed as good luck plants and is mostly Chinese in origin. It has become a rage everywhere. The lucky bamboo plants have become a common household name everywhere and is anytime considered as a great Feng Shui for homes. These lucky bamboo plants are basically a bundle of four green bamboo shoots which are tied together with a red ribbon. These plants stand for solidarity in the family. Since it is termed as a good luck plant they are supposed to keep the family together and they also make up for a good exotic decoration which is an added bonus.

Chimes: Chimes have been the latest trend in almost all households. Also known as wind chimes, they are hung mostly outside the house but they can be hung inside as well to give a good vibe and a positive feeling across the house. Chimes have been considered to be good from the Feng shui perspective. The metal based Feng shui chimes are said to be adorned with metal coins and are known as an excellent cure for money in case if the family is going through tough times with finance. There are also other various cute looking wind chimes with different designs to make it look very much attractive.

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