About Minky Fabrics

Minky is the ultimate modern micro-fiber plush fabric used to make blankets, bed sheets, pillow covers, quilt backing, tag blankets, back packs, toys, home décor, and other accessories.

Minky fabric is silky soft, luxurious, and smooth. It is very cuddly and plush that no one can resist its incredible softness. Minky fabric is comforting for any age as used in blankets or other accessories. It is as soft as real mink or chinchilla fur; besides warming the users, it gives special comfort and soft feeling.

Minky fabric comes in lots of different colors. Minky fabric comes in lots of different patterns and prints. Minky fabrics comes in different textures like dots, plush, and cuddle. Magical Minkies is very proud to create accessories including blankets, bed sheets, pillow covers, and other accessories for all ages and sizes. We can create all the accessories from infant baby to adult sizes perfect for any occasion and any specific use.

Magical Minkies’ products and accessories are made with minky fabric that will be bringing warmth and comfort to children, teenagers, and adults. Magical Minkies gratifies its blankets and other soft accessories to the customer’s age and style. Customers can simply choose their size and design to create any blanket, bed sheet, pillow cover, or any other accessory that is perfect for them and will match the color and design of their room and furniture. Magical Minkies can also sell you the minky fabric to be used for the backing of the very special quilt that you are making.

The Minky fabric that we purchase and use all of our fabrics have been tested for lead and have passed all government regulations. The testing was conducted by an independent laboratory. We have complied with all the guidelines of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

Minky fabric has exceptional quality, which prevents its colors from fading and its warmth from decreasing over time. It is quick-drying, highly absorbent, and actually quite strong and unlike true mink, minky fabric is completely vegan. It comes out of the dryer looking like brand new over and over again.

Minky fabric is very easy to take care of; machine wash cold without softener and dry with low heat.

Embrace Fabric

We are introducing new light weight fabric called Embrace for the warm weather approaching. We can combine Embrace with Minky fabric to make it light weight and more tolerable for warmer weather for some individuals.

Machine wash cold; use non-chlorine bleach as needed; and hang to dry or use dryer in low setting. The exclusive, double-gauze Cotton Embrace fabric that we purchase and use features a breathable and natural construction that becomes softer with every wash. Suitable for swaddle blankets, apparel, baby products, accessories, bedding, and more. It has an incredibly soft hand and nice drape.

This double gauze consists of two layers of gauze tacked together. It has an incredibly soft hand and nice drape.