How Big should a Baby Blanket be?

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How Big should a Baby Blanket be?


A blanket for the baby is very much important for keeping them warm always especially when the weather outside is cold. A blanket is more often than just to cover the baby from the cold weather. Most of the times, people tend to make handmade blankets since they become family heirlooms which the child and the future grandchildren would cherish for many more years to come. If you are keen on preparing your own baby blanket at home, then before you start working one should think about how and when you would like the little one to use that blanket. Also if you prepare buying it from the shop then it is important to understand which material to go in for and also what should be the size of the blanket so that it serves all the purpose for the baby. Varied sizes of the baby blanket is known to serve different purposes. As per one of the American Academy has suggested that babies who are younger than 12 months of age should not sleep with a blanket when placed in the crib else it can lead to choking or by mistake the blanket can come on the face of the baby while the baby moves in the sleep.

Material for the blanket: When thinking about the right blanket then you should choose the right material which is best suited for the baby’s soft and sensitive skin. Do not go in for any materials which are rough, scratchy or dense. Soft materials such as organic cotton or cotton fleece would work best for the skin of the baby and also they are very much good in maintenance or washing. One such example of material would be to go in for minky fabric since they are luxuriously smooth and softer than fleece. Also it is very much easy to wash them in a machine. They remain soft even after multiple wash and do not cause any problem to the sensitive skin of the baby. Woolen materials are another durable and good option but you should first ensure that the baby does not have any kind of allergic reaction to this material before you plan to purchase it or start working on it.

Now let’s talk about the size of the blanket which would be best suited for the baby:

Crib Blankets: When we talk about a typical crib blanket it should be rectangular and the measurement should be around 40 to 60 inches. As with any other size of the baby blanket, the specific dimensions are mostly dependent on the pattern on would choose for. The above mentioned size is said to mostly work for toddlers and babies who are older than six months of age and hence if it gets tangled they can easily free themselves from the tangles. When we think about crib blankets they should be free from any loose threads, yarns, large holes or buttons which can possible be a threat for the baby.

Receiving blankets: There is no point going in for a large and bulky blanket since it would not work well with the little one. For newborn babies the blanket should always be kept lightweight and small since it would allow for ease in swaddling around. The receiving blankets are known to range in varied sizes. It can go in from a small 18 inch square to as large as 36 inch square. The baby would quickly outgrow the receiving blanket very quickly since in the initial years they grow really fast. But the receiving blanket can be still kept for snuggling purposes for the baby. Remember if the baby is born during the summers, they would need rather light and less bulky blankets for example a single layer receiving blanket would do just fine for them. Also it is advisable to avoid any kind of lose knots or knits and crochet blankets when it comes for infants.

Multi-purpose blanket: Mostly while you are travelling with the baby, a stroller blankets or an activity blankets are said to be a must item. A thick activity blanket is said to provide a cushioned as well as a clean surface for the baby for crawling and playing. This same blanket can be doubled and then used as a stroller or it can be placed on the car seat cover during those colder months of the year. A good size of these multi-purpose blankets can be between 30 to 40 inches since a blanket big enough in this size is more than enough for playing but it would not be able to cover the entire stroller or the seat of the car.

Let’s look at certain guidelines on the size of the blanket based on the growth of the baby:

New born babies: An 18 by 18 inches’ small blanket is known to easily wrap up a premature baby but certain hospitals prefer going in for either a 30 by 30 inches or 36 by 36 inches’ blanket for covering the entire bassinet.

Toddler blankets: For a toddler an average size of the blanket would be approximately 40 by 60 inches. When we talk about a cut fabric it is mostly 40 to 43 inches wide hence a 1 2/3 yard of a 40 to 43 inches wide fabric is said to be perfect while going in for a toddler blanket.

Before you start using the blanket for the baby ensure that it should be washed thoroughly with water and mild or gentle soap. The fabric of the blanket should suit the skin of the baby hence just do not go for any fabric. Look for something which is smooth and soft so that it does not itch the skin of the baby. Instead of going in for a plain blanket you can anytime choose some color combination blankets which look cheerful and cuddly as well. The blankets should be free from any kind of hazardous items which the baby can accidently take in the mouth and lead to choking.

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